our ambassadors

The Giannis Antetokounmpo family and gfg have joined forces, with the mission to help America discover the Greek gastronomy, a rich tradition born out of years of cultural exchange and trade in the fertile region of the mediterranean, a tradition which has evolved into our modern day restaurant culture which have taken and continues to take generations of people on beautiful journeys of discovery.

After all, family, hospitality, dedication and respect of a culinary tradition that spans multiple generations and countries have always been central to gfg and the team from Athens, Greece, that operates it. Having long experience and being a household name in the Greek food industry, they built their life’s work on three pillars: hard work, frequent travel, and endless curiosity and indulgence into culinary adventures.

In short, they know their food; and they know how to share it with the world.

A great partnership is born and the message is simple and true:

Explore the Mediterranean taste of Greece!

message from Giannis

For years I have been looking for a way to be able to go back to Greece at any moment and now I have found it. gfg gives me the opportunity to share with America everything we love in Greek everyday life and which knows no boundaries. For many years, America has been giving me opportunities to sample and appreciate so many different experiences and cultures. Now, it’s time for me to return the favor. I’m sure that America will love our culture and our flavors, and will adopt them as a way of life.

What won me over is that gfg puts family above all else. They believe in the same values as me, like loyalty and lifelong relationships. They embody tastes, smells and a whole culture that neither my brothers nor me can resist.

Come, let’s all become one big… family.